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Four More Great Reads to Get You Through April Showers


“Greedy Heart” by A.P. Murray

(NAPS)—Thirty-five-year-old Delia Mulcahy was raised in a modern-day castle on Fifth Avenue until the Great Family Financial Disaster of 1986. While biding her time in Florida paying off student debt, Delia discovers the inevitability of a looming crash and how to make millions off of it.

The top hedge fund rivals in New York City want Delia on their team. What they don’t know: Delia has some devious intentions of her own. A spectacular drama of inheritance, attraction, greed, infidelity, hoarding, and morality told through a fictional tale of the financial crash and one eccentric New York family. From Tule Publishing, purchase at

“The Eye of Zeus: Legends of Olympus, Book One” by Alane Adams

Meet Phoebe Katz, a twelve-year-old foster kid from NYC. Things happen around Phoebe, but it’s not like they’re her fault. But when a statue of Athena comes to life, Phoebe gets the stunning news she’s the daughter of Zeus, has a twin brother named Perseus and was sent away from ancient Greece as a baby to stop a terrible prophecy that predicted she would one day destroy Olympus.

Athena warns Phoebe to stay in hiding, but when the vengeful god Ares kidnaps her beloved social worker, Phoebe has no choice but to rescue him. The catch: Phoebe has to collect talismans from six Greek monsters. No problem, right? From SparkPress, purchase at

“Queen of the Owls” by Barbara Linn Probst

A chance meeting with a charismatic photographer will forever change Elizabeth’s life. Until she met Richard, Elizabeth’s relationship with Georgia O’Keeffe and her little-known Hawaii paintings was academic. But now Richard says the only way she can truly understand O’Keeffe is by getting into O’Keeffe’s skin and reenacting her famous nude photos.

In the intimacy of Richard’s studio, Elizabeth experiences an intoxicating abandon, never thinking the photographs could be made public. Elizabeth demands that Richard dismantle the exhibit. He refuses.

So how much is she willing to risk to be truly seen and known? From She Writes Press, purchase at

“Quest for Eternal Sunshine” by Mendek Rubin and Myra Goodman

This is the triumphant story of Mendek Rubin, a brilliant inventor who overcame the trauma of the Holocaust and decades of depression to live a life of deep peace. Mendek grew up in a Hassidic Jewish family in Poland amid extreme anti-Semitism. He survived three horrific years in Nazi concentration camps while virtually his entire family was murdered.

Arriving in America in 1946, his inventions helped revolutionize the jewelry and packaged-salad industries. Mendek also applied his ingenuity to his own psyche, developing ways to heal his heart and emotional suffering. After Mendek died in 2012, his daughter, Myra Goodman, found an unfinished manuscript in which he’d revealed the details of his healing journey. This book is that story. From She Writes Press, purchase at


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"Exciting, enlightening books about Greek gods, a financial crisis, art, betrayal and an inventor who survived the Holocaust make great reads."