For Many There's No Place Like A Hotel For The Holidays


Like A Hotel For The Holidays (NAPSA)—Before you go over the river and through the woods this holiday season, you may care to consider these facts and tips: Plan ahead and plan for problems. Know more than one way to get to and from yourdestination. Pack healthful snacks for the plane or car and plenty of water. If your family is like most, you plan on being together on Thanksgiving—maybe even a bit more together than you'dlike. According to a recent survey, 63 percent of travelers are planning to stay with Fiy fq Sep 12 DEOOCa ie | Sotiaay f= Sep 13 Cag oot A free app can makeit easier for travelers to find the accommodations they want. family during Thanksgiving, but 59 percent would rather stay in a hotel. When asked why, their reasons ranged from wanting their own space (44 percent) to not wanting to inconvenience family (38 percent). Fortunately, for those travelers who do stay in hotels, finding one that best fits their needs can be a quick and easy process, done on any mobile device. That’s because Skyscanner, a leading global travel search engine, now offers a free app that lets travelers compare all of the available hotels in and aroundtheir destination. With the app, you can scroll througha list of hotel options, and view images of the hotel and rooms, without having to leave the search results page. For added convenience, there are a number of search filters so that you can sort search results, choose a price range and filter available rooms according to star rating, location, distance from different attractions and other factors. Once you’ve found the best option, click through and Skyscannerwill send you directly to the hotel or online travel agent to book. Learn More For further facts, visit www.