Facebook Feedback Can Help Make Life Decisions


(NAPSA)—You have a Facebook profile and you're surfing the social media wave like a pro. Not only has Facebook enabled you to connect with family members, coworkers, long lost friends and sweethearts, you now also have insider knowledgeabout the latest ZZ reomerang Surveys & Pols erains om Biz soo EIRENE severesr, cd Entera Title and Description for Your SurveyorPoll news, gossip and recent vacation destinations shared among the membersof your online social network. There is unlimited potential when connecting with others on social media. The ability to survey your online network is a strategic way to collect opinions and insights. Recognizing that today’s consumers are social beings, Zoomerang has released a new Facebook application that makes it easy for users to quickly get feedback from their online communities. The free and simple application allows you to post a surveyor poll on your Facebook page and then quickly and effectively draw together feedback from the breadth of your social ecosystem. You can even include photos or videos in the question and answer options to make the choices moredescriptive. With Zoomerang’s Surveys & Polls for Facebook, you can ask your friends to help you decide on a myriad of topics—personal and professional. Ask your network to: Rank the Halloween costume most likely to help you win the “mostfrightening”; *Help you identify the AllStars for your fantasy football team; Rate the most romantic idea for an upcomingfirst date; Making decisions may be easier with help from friends online. *Solicit votes for the next ice cream “flavor of the month”for your business; Choose the best color scheme for the homecoming dance committee. “Feedback is priceless in this day and age,” said Alex Terry, general manager of Zoomerang. “Consumers trust their innercircle of friends and family and, at the end of the day, their opinion is heavily valued.” Effectively engaging with your network on social media allows you to get more insights and input from those that you already trust. Using Zoomerang’s Surveys & Polls for Facebook is one way to effectively gather and share these insights. Now is the time for you to make better decisions with others’ input—your Facebook friends are listening. For more information on this free application, check out Zoomerang’s Surveys & Polls for Facebook at https://apps.facebook. com/zoomerangsurveys.