Did You Know?


(NAPSI)—If you or someone you care about is ever diagnosed with prostate cancer, you can find free, professional support services and information from CancerCare, the leading national organization providing resource navigation, counseling and support groups. Learn more at www.cancercare.org/services and 800-813-HOPE (4673).

Instead of ignoring injuries, stiffness, discomfort or pain in bones, joints or muscles, see an orthopaedic surgeon who can prevent, diagnose and treat further problems, says Dr. Louis F. McIntyre, Chief Quality Officer for U.S. Orthopaedic Partners (USOP). Learn more at www.us-orthopartners.com.

You can enjoy the beautiful winged faeries, trolls, goblins and an entire new world in the just-released game from Forbidden Games: Faeries & Magical Creaturesdesigned for the entire family. Learn more about this and the other award-winning games and toys available from Forbidden Games, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/954412004/faeries-and-magical-creatures.

Updated COVID vaccines offer protection against two strains of the COVID virus. And if you’re 65 or older, or you are immunocompromised, you can get a second dose of an updated vaccine. For more information and to find a free vaccine, visit www.vaccines.gov.  

The dog days of summer can be safe and stylish for all your pets, and the experts at Petco can help with tips and deals. For information on products, services and savings, visit a Petco pet care center, www.petco.com or the Petco app.

In each step of their lifecycle, vape products harm the environment with three forms of toxic pollution: plastic waste, hazardous waste, and electronic waste (e-waste), point out the experts at the California Tobacco Prevention Program. Learn more at UNDO.org.

Many homeowners improve their living spaces through redecorating and Do-It-Yourself projects. To help, Design House offers a variety of products to empower homeowners to create living spaces they will love. For more information visit: www.todaysdesignhouse.com.

Adults ages 19 to 34 have the highest uninsured rates of any age group in the United States. Fortunately, GetCovered, powered by HealthMarkets, is a free service that provides guidance for graduates in need of healthcare coverage—by phone at 877-270-0029 or online at getcovered.com/graduate.

At Texas State Technical College (TSTC), the Emergency Medical Services program has taken training students to a new level with a complete ambulance simulator. The cutting-edge technology can save many lives. For further information, visit www.tstc.edu.

There are many good reasons to get physically fit. If cost is a factor in joining a gym, the Silver&Fit Healthy Aging and Exercise Program, available through certain Medicare Advantage plans, offers no-cost or subsidized low-cost access to thousands of gyms. Learn more at www.silverandfit.com.