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Dental And Vision Plans Give Small Businesses A Big Advantage


(NAPSI)—In the current business climate, workers and employers are faced with rising healthcare costs and a tough job market. 



Businesses in Wisconsin are not immune to this competitive environment. According to a survey from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, 75% of Wisconsin employers say they are having trouble hiring employees. 



A competitive job market can be particularly challenging for small businesses, which must carefully consider the benefits they are able to offer current and prospective employees. Small businesses must be prepared to offer a robust benefits package to attract talent and retain existing employees. 



Insuring Your Employees



Here are a few reasons small businesses in Wisconsin should consider beefing up their benefits package, including adding vision and dental insurance: 



•Compete in the current hiring market. Most people in Wisconsin rely on employer-sponsored health insurance to cover medical care expenses. Job seekers will consider whether a company has a benefits package when looking for a new opportunity. 



In Wisconsin, small employers are not required by state law to provide healthcare benefits. Offering health benefits is a significant way to stand apart from other small businesses and compete with the offerings of larger employers. 



Many job seekers also look for an employer that offers vision insurance, especially when working in roles prone to conditions such as eyestrain. Delta Dental of Wisconsin offers DeltaVision®, which provides a competitive vision plan for members. Members save an average of 71% off the retail price of eye exams and glasses at participating in-network eye doctors.



Offering a comprehensive benefits package is a meaningful way to stand out from other workplaces. A robust benefits package is an important consideration for job seekers. 



•Retain existing employees. Employees who are happy, healthy, and satisfied with their medical plan through their employer have more reason to remain with that employer. 



For a small employer with many aspects of a business to consider, investing in employees’ health is a smart move to make. Offering a robust benefits package (including dental and vision insurance) is important to maintaining overall employee satisfaction. 



•Increase employee satisfaction and well-being. Healthy employees are happy employees. Regular dental visits are crucial for maintaining good oral health. People with dental coverage are nearly 50% more likely to visit the dentist at least once a year compared to those without coverage. 



•Increase productivity. Employees who visit their dental and vision providers for regular preventive care are healthier, which increases productivity and reduces time lost due to health issues. 



It is important for an employer to make employees aware of their benefits to maximize their use. An employer that prioritizes health and wellness helps their employees thrive and avoid prolonged sick leaves. 



•Save costs over time. Regular preventive healthcare visits can save costs over time. With good access to health services, employees can avoid more serious health complications down the road. 



What Workers Want



In Delta Dental’s 2023 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness Report, 92% of survey respondents felt that their oral health was “extremely” or “very” important to their overall health.



Delta Dental of Wisconsin offers flexible and community-rated plans for small businesses with as few as two employees. 



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"To maintain a productive and healthy workplace and compete in today’s job market, small business owners invest in employees’ well-being through dental and vision benefits packages."