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Cook Up A Low-Maintenance Kitchen


(NAPSI)—An increasing number of families are finding how much fun it can be to cook and eat at home—but an easy-to-clean-and-work-in kitchen can make a big difference.

Here are five ideas on how to have one that can help you save time, effort, and expensive cleaning supplies.

1.Be clever about cabinetry:  Choose simple, flat door cabinets without molding or raised panels which can collect grease and dirt. Soft-close doors help reduce touch points. 

2.When you get down to it, the right flooring and a well-thought-out floor plan can reduce the likelihood of messes. The “work triangle”—from sink to refrigerator to cooking appliances—should be designed with an ergonomic flow in mind so moving around the room is easier, faster and less likely to result in spills.  Avoid textured linoleum or any flooring with wide seams and gaps. 

3.Apply the same principles to appliances: Stainless steel is both beautiful and enduring and can now come in a fingerprint-resistant finish. If you store them in cabinets instead of on countertops, that’ll keep them cleaner.

4.Hot ideas for stoves: Get sealed burners on gas cooktops; flat glass electric, and induction tops make it far easier to wipe up spills. A strong ventilation hood with dishwasher-safe filters will reduce dust and grease in the kitchen so it doesn’t settle on surfaces. 

5.Be smart about sinks. Food-safe surfaces that reduce bacterial growth are important. A hygiene-friendly sink material solution, ­SILGRANIT by BLANCO, has a non-porous surface with a smooth stone-like finish that resists stains, scratches, chips, acid and heat. The Hygienic Plus surface acts as a shield against dirt and germs while reducing bacterial growth by up to 98%. Plus, the material needs no harsh chemicals to keep clean—just soap and water or baking soda, since the hydrophobic surface pushes away dirt and water so it easily drains away.

6.A fact about faucets: Engineered with a solid brass body and a flexible, high-quality hose encased in stainless steel, the SOLENTA semi-pro faucet is both durable and easy to clean. It also provides the ultimate hands-free experience by combining reliable materials with a sophisticated start-stop technology so there’s less to clean while you’re keeping clean.

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