Cold Sore May Be "Something New" On Wedding Day


TLC Makeup Artist Carmindy Offers TipsTo ‘Treat, Conceal Outbreaks (NAPSA)—For years, you have dreamed of your wedding day. You have imagined yourself in the dress, looking your absolute best, walking down the aisle surrounded by adoring friends and family. It is the culmination of months of intense preparation and eager anticipation, but what happens when the big day arrives, a cold sore erupts and, suddenly, the picture of perfection has developed a major imperfection? Tronically, the days and weeks leading to a wedding expose the bride to a numberof commoncold sore triggers. They include the stress and fatigue associated with wedding planning, as well as the ultraviolet (UV) rays found in sunlight and tanning beds. Any of these external factors can trigger an untimely and unsightly outbreak. Then what? Celebrity makeup artist Carmindy, who also serves as beauty expert on TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” says brides can help avoid this unfortunate fate by educating themselves about cold soretriggers, paying close attention to the warning signs of an outbreak and preparing themselves to act immediately when oneoccurs. “Cold sores can make sufferers feel embarrassed and self-conscious any time they occur, but even more so during a wedding or other momentous occasion,” says Carmindy. “Treating a cold sore at the first sign of an outbreak—the telltale tingling stage—iscrucial to keeping the severity and duration to a minimum. That’s why carrying a cold sore medicine, like Abreva, is an absolute must for brides who are prone to outbreaks.” To help treat cold sores and gious, so be sure to apply makeup with a cotton swab or disposable sponge to avoid spreading the infection. Mom wasright: wash ’em! Wash hands before and after applying medication or touching a cold sore. Your secret weapon. Apply Abreva five times a day—prior to applying and reapplying makeup. It dries clear, so cosmetics can be applied right overit. Hide the sore, not your smile. After you have applied Ready to face her wedding day, today’s bride can reduce her chances of a cold sore complicating the occasion. hide them as they heal, Carmindy offers brides the followingtips: Don’t overdo it in the sun. Limit exposure to UV light from the sun and tanning beds—it is one of the most commoncold sore triggers. Keep it with you. Be prepared to begin treatment at the first sign of an outbreak by carrying Abreva, the only non-pre- scription cold sore medicine approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to shorten healing time and the duration of symptoms. Know the difference. Some over-the-counter medications claim to moisturize lips or relieve symptoms, but only Abreva has 10 percent Docosanol, a medicine that, when applied to a cold sore, helps prevent the cold sore virus from spreading by making it harder for the virus to enter healthy skin cells. Share joy, not cold sores. Remember cold sores are conta- Abreva, to conceal the lesion, dip a small-tipped cotton swab or sponge into a mixture of foundation and oil-free concealer. Dab onto the affected area and gently blend to cover the spot. Then, lightly dust with loose powderto set. Stay natural. Outline lips with a liner in the same shade as the natural lip color and then apply a versatile, bright lipstick followed by a dab of gloss in the center of the lower lip. A little color contrasted with a slight sheen will help conceal the sore, allowing the lips’ natural beauty to stand out. Mom wasright about this, too. Avoid picking at the cold sore—it will only damage the skin surrounding the cold sore and prolong the healingcycle. “A wedding day cold sore does not have to be devastating for a bride if she is aware of early warning signs and treats her outbreak immediately,” adds Carmindy. “This will insure that any bride will be able to lift her veil and face her wedding day with confidence.” To learn more about how to effectively treat cold sores, visit