Hints For The Home

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Love And Pride


(NAPSI)—Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 through October 15, celebrates legacies from past generations. In many Latino cultures, that includes lessons mothers share with their children on taking care of the home and family. That’s one reason this month (and all through the year), many people like to recognize mothers and the Hispanic-owned brands that are dedicated to helping them keep a wonderfully clean home.

For example, AlEn USA is the North American subsidiary of one of the most recognized companies in the household cleaning products category in Mexico: Industrias AlEn S.A de C.V (Grupo AlEn). Since its beginning in 1949, Grupo AlEn has pioneered well-known consumer brands popular in Mexico.

For many Hispanic moms, fragrance is a top priority when it comes to a clean home. They feel nothing says “te amo” like soft, fresh smelling laundry, and Ensueño Max fabric softener will ensure that everything from socks to sweatshirts has a long-lasting scent and that your fabrics stay soft and wear well. 

One product many Hispanic families have in their cleaning cabinet is Pinalen Original, a pine oil-based cleaner that degreases, fights stains, shines floors, and more. Not only does Pinalen Original have the highest percentage of pine oil compared to any other pine-based cleaner on the market, the manufacturer harvests the pine oil from a sustainable, company-owned plantation in Mexico.

As for the well-loved surfaces in Mom’s home that could use some elbow grease, there’s Cloralen Multipurpose Cleaner. It eliminates stains and grease in even such tough-to-clean spots as bathroom tile, kitchen counters, toilet tanks and more. 

Then your mother and entire family can enjoy a clean kitchen in which to cook and share a festive meal.

"Your home can be so clean even a Latina mother would approve."