Bringing The Fair To The Home Or Classroom—Going Back To School With Risk Ranch


Bringing The Fair To The Home Or Classroom— Going Back To School With Risk Ranch (NAPSA)—Searching for ways to make summerlast just a little bit longer for your kids? Look no further than Risk Ranch, the award-winning educational app that brings the fun of the farm and the state fair straight to a desktop or mobile device. Risk Ranch is the online companion game to the Commodity Risk Ranch, an educational app, lets kids bring the fun of the state fair home while gaining an under- standing of the economics of bringing livestock to market. Carnival, an interactive learning experience brought to life by a partnership between CME Group and National 4-H Council. While the Commodity Carnivalis visiting nearly 120 state and county fairs this season, Risk Ranch can extend the summer fun into classroom or at-home learning as your children prepare for the back-toschool season. “Our Risk Ranch app teaches youth about the importance of risk management and agricultural economics with real-life content and in a fun, engaging way,” said Anita Liskey, CME Group Managing Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications. “We’ve reached 100,000 kids at state and county fairs over the past two years and we’ve had teacherstell us that they use the app in their classroom as economics and financial literacy grow in importanceat younger ages. We want to help provide that foundational education for kids at an early age.” The educational game allows players to experience the business of agriculture and the economics of farming, including how to manage the costs associated with bringing a commodity—a hog or a steer—to market. In just over one year, Risk Ranch has been downloaded in 100 countries and taken homethetitle of Best Mobile App, Pa’ Choice Approved and a U.S. Mobile and App Design Award. To download Risk Ranch or find participating fairs this summer and fall, visit www.