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Better Health: A New Way To Get Your Medical Supplies


(NAPSI)—Every year millions of people struggle through the confusing and stressful process of finding the right ostomy supplies to manage their health at home. Better Health, a next-generation medical supplier, is innovating on outdated industry practices by offering unique customer support through education, coaching, and personalized product recommendations. 

The core of Better Health’s offerings fall into four key categories: ostomy, urology, diabetes, and incontinence supplies. “I kept hearing and seeing people who were discharged from the hospital without knowing anything about how to manage their condition. They’re not sure how to find or use the supplies they need,” said Naama Breckler, Better Health’s CEO and co-founder.

Better Health is closing that knowledge gap with a service model that helps customers learn best practices for self-care. They offer personalized advice, product consultations, and 1:1 coaching sessions. Additionally, the company has incorporated a variety of ways for members to get in touch with their expert consultants, including phone support, live Chat, Facebook chat, blogs, and video content to reach those who need help where they are.

“It was great to speak with someone who is actually living with an ostomy. My coach shared her experience and suggestions that I found very helpful” said Anita, a Better Health member.

“Studies show that people who have access to this type of support have fewer complications and hospital readmissions,” added Dr. Rosemary Ku, Better Health’s VP of Medicare Affairs.

Better Health also addresses another source of stress for many individuals dealing with chronic conditions—understanding and managing their insurance. The price of medical supplies is not always transparent because insurance coverage and co-pays are different from person to person and the need for a prescription adds another level of complexity to the ordering processes.

“Many customers don’t know that insurance will cover some or all of the cost of their medical supplies,” Breckler said.

Better Health solves those issues by working directly with insurance companies and doctor’s offices on behalf of its members, in order to help members understand what their out-of-pocket costs will be before they order their supplies and help them save costs. Better Health members benefit from personalized care, specific product recommendations, and greater ease and transparency throughout the process of obtaining their medical supplies.

To get a free coaching session or help ordering supplies visit or contact the company at (415) 475-8444.

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