Be Wine Wise


Be Wine Wise ~eeee What doeslove look like? Picturing your answer could win you a trip to Paris. (NAPSA)—When the party is at your place during the holidays or at any time, you can take the worry out of deciding which wine to serve by taking a few tips from the professionals: Pairing At The Table *Wine and food should have similar flavors: If you're serving fish with lemon, you would want a winewith citrus notes. * Watch for weight: Both food and wine can be considered light, medium or heavy bodied and can be matched by that. *Choose the same sweetness level: Sweet main dishes go well with a Riesling. Port is pleasant with dessert. *Consider color: Light-colored wines often work well with light foods; deeply colored wines with rich foods. Pair the wine with the side dishes: Say you're serving turkey with potato au gratin, apple and sausage stuffing and peas with pancetta. The right wine may well be a chardonnay. For example, Maison Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuiss, which generally sells for under 15 dollars, is one of the most popular wines in America, andits crisp flavors and citrus fruit are excellent for balancing the savory side dishes. On the other hand, easy-drinking, fruit-forward Maison Louis Jadot’s Beaujolais-Villages, also considered reasonably priced, pairs beautifully with the subtle flavor of the turkey. What’s more, this red wine can also stand up to the stronger flavors of stuffing and cranberry sauce. It works well with ham, too. Pairing In Paris If you’d like to learn how well food and wine can go together in Paris, you can enter Jadot’s Share Your Love photo sweep- stakes. Simply like the Jadot Beaujolais-Villages Facebook fan page before midnight on December 31, 2012 and upload a photograph that best reflects the idea behind the Share Your Love theme. The First Prize Winner will get two round-trip tickets to Paris, France, and a week’s stay ata Paris hotel. Each Second Prize Winnerwill receive a Jadot Beaujolais-Villages branded T-shirt. Maison Louis Jadot is the No. 1 French wine in America. Prepare To Learn More You can find further informa- tion, including complete sweepstakes rules and facts on fine wine, online at