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Be Savvy About Succulents


(NAPSI)—Easy to care for, long lasting and more popular than ever, succulents are the plants that people are buying for themselves and giving as gifts to bring the beauty of nature inside.

Succulent plants have long made a thoughtful offering for a friend or relative whose thumb might be less than green. Succulents are drought resistant; their leaves, stems or roots are fleshier than those of other plants because of the presence of water-storing tissue. (Whether cacti are technically succulents is a matter of debate among botanists and horticulturists, but most people know that both can be watered less often than other plants.)

The succulent expert,, wants everyone to be able to enjoy having and taking care of one—or more—of these unique, on-trend delights. So it’s not only added several truly original products to its collection to meet the ever-increasing demand for succulent gifts, it’s fleshed out the succulent care-and-keeping content on its website.

Among the new plantings:

A growing collection of cacti, Moon Cactus Garden makes a marvelous gift—including to yourself.

• Moon Cactus Garden. No green thumb is required for this sweet succulent Garden. A collection of three colorful cacti in an adorable, matching green, cactus-shaped planter is as easy on maintenance as it is on the eyes, and will add a fun Southwestern flair to any space.

A lush garden, Wood Star Succulent adds a charming bit of country to any decor.

• Wood Star Succulent. This succulent garden delivers plenty of warmth and style and makes a stellar gift. A lush assortment of plants in exotic shapes and unexpected colors are arranged inside a star-shaped, reclaimed wood container, creating a charming, rustic centerpiece.

The “Dig It” Succulent Trio combines miniplanters and witty planters.

• “Dig It” Succulent Trio. As if a trio of minisucculents weren’t fun and thoughtful enough, these three low-maintenance favorites arrive in trendy ceramic containers, each with a witty inspirational message in gold lettering (“Grow,” “Dig It” and “I Will Survive”).

Among the helpful information provides are these tips:

• Succulent plants are known for being low maintenance but they do still require periodic care and attention. Succulents soak up lots of water but they still get thirsty. When one feels dry to the touch, add water. Let the plant stand in the water for about 15 minutes, which should satisfy your succulent for a few weeks more.

• Succulents love as much light as possible. Fluorescent, LED, lamplight and natural light are all good.

• Succulents can handle a wide range of temperatures indoors but should not be kept near drafts from heating or air conditioner vents.

• Succulents extract nutrients from rainwater and the air, storing them in their leaves, so they don’t need a lot of extra nutrients, but they should be fertilized a few times a year, in the warmer months.

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