Helping Communities

A Tasteful Way To Do Good


(NAPSI)—There’s good news for a lot of people from what some might consider a surprising source. 

Corporate Compassion

America’s businesses, large and small, are increasingly extending a hand to help others. In fact, according to Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose, the average corporate volunteer participation rate is 33%. 

What One Firm Is Doing

When most people hear the word “paella,” they imagine the wondrous Spanish rice dish cooking on an open flame. But the folks at H/L, a fiercely creative marketing and advertising agency that makes momentum for clients, have a whole different meaning for the word. In fact, they’ve started a movement, Project Paella, and it’s all about giving back to the communities in which they live and work.

Project Paella was established in memory of Josh Nichol, H/L’s former CEO. Josh loved getting the team together every year, over a huge pan of rich, simmering seafood and sausage. There was a lot of symbolism in his paella. It was made of many ingredients and flavored by many cultures, just like the company he led. And most of all, it was celebratory. His spirit lives on today, when the team comes together each year to mix in communities and celebrate them by doing good from coast to coast. The team bands together and volunteers in homeless shelters, animal shelters, food banks, roadside cleanups and wherever else they can make a difference.

This year, more than 125 H/L employees spent over 350 hours of volunteer time helping out in local communities across the country. From Hawaii to California to Florida, the team partnered with 20 different organizations, including Ronald McDonald House, Glide Memorial, Second Harvest, Chicago Food Pantry and many more to make a difference in each community.

“Our local H/L Agency team dedicated their time to beautifying the outdoor space of our Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay (RMHC-TB) Tampa House by cleaning up our numerous garden beds during the agency’s Project Paella. With three H/L teammates, this group was prepared to assist in any way that was needed! We’re grateful they helped to maintain our serene backyard space, keeping it enjoyable for RMHC-TB families,” said Bryanna Tremontana, Manager of Community Engagement RMHC-TB.

The key to making a Josh-inspired paella is equal parts attitude, good-quality ingredients and technique, plus lobster tails. 

Josh-inspired Paella

Follow your favorite paella recipe.

Embellish with Spanish spices including sweet and smoky paprika and, of course, a healthy pinch or two of saffron—make sure to get the good stuff.

Whether it’s a chicken, rabbit or seafood paella, be sure to nestle in a few lobster tails.

Top it all off with some red and green—pimiento stuffed green olives, asparagus spears, fresh or frozen peas, chopped tomato and lots of torn flat-leaf parsley.

Garnish with plenty of lemons wedges.

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"“Our local H/L Agency team dedicated their time to beautifying the outdoor space of Ronald McDonald House Charities by cleaning up our numerous garden beds during the agency’s Project Paella,” said Bryanna Tremontana, Manager."