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A Perspective On Race And Religion


(NAPSI)—Do you contribute to racial unity or disunity? That’s the focus of a new book, which offers a surprising perspective on race relations in America today, and offers suggestions to improve racial conditions.

One Man’s Story

Young white man experiences beatings received from black men in his community. The trauma associated with the beatings had the potential to destroy any favorable constructs of Black people in his life. But the author, Gene Heil, now an ordained minister, refused to allow racial hatred to control him. 

Instead, inspired by God, he gained a different perspective of racial disunity, which, according to Heil, is rooted in understanding the impact the dominant white culture has had on the Black culture through generations of cultural abuse and systemic racism. God taught him to forgive his oppressors, and led him to blend into the black community to gain insight, and to prepare him to become an advocate for racial healing.

Race and Religion

“Instead of allowing me to distance myself from Blacks because of the abuse I encountered, God put me smack in the epicenter of the Black culture—the church,” says Heil. “There is nothing more powerful in the Black community than the church.” Heil’s perspective on race relations changed during this encounter, and he experienced the dynamism of love and forgiveness. He believes racial healing takes place through gaining cultural insight, applying love, and forgiveness. In doing so, society becomes more inclusive, collective and everyone can live harmoniously together.

The Road to Racial Healing

Heil’s book, A Perspective on Race and Religion: A Pathway to Healing, provides a road map to bring about racial unity. The book sheds light on the controversial issue concerning the silence of the church on racism and opens a thought-provoking perspective designed to open discussion of the topic within communities. Heil challenges the reader to review their individual perspective and ask if they are on the side of unity or division. “There is no middle road,” according to Heil. “As a country, America must decide how all people want to live amongst each other.”

J. Botha, a book reviewer, wrote, “the book really made me questions things, like am I really innocent when it comes to racism. It opened my eyes and made me question who we are as a society.”

The book discusses systemic racism, the historical role of the church in maintaining the racial divide, and current racial problems. He pleads for national healing, and paints a clear picture of what the country can do to eliminate the racial divide. Heil states, “We are in serious racial division in America. My experience will teach people to love and not hate those who have wronged you. It also spotlights the terrible systemic racism that oppresses Black people. Joining a Black church helped me to heal, and has given me a perspective that most whites will never see while living in privilege.”

What This Book Can Mean For You?

This book will help identify bias that is often hidden, and it challenges the reader to self inspect. He constantly stirs the reader, asking if they want to be part of the solution or part of the problem. Heil encourages an honest introspection because it is the only way to bring about lasting racial change. He warns unless America addresses the racial divide, we will undermine the strength of the country. According to Heil, people can’t move forward in life until they acknowledge their problems, and then be willing to face them. The dismantling of racism is long overdue. He provides tips for national healing and opens doors for conversation. 

A Perspective on Race and Religion: A Pathway to Healing can help bring positive change within your life as you accept the challenge of identifying your racial bias. According to Heil, people may rarely want to talk about such a detrimental topic, but the transparency in his book can inspire national healing and genuine change.

Where to Find It?

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Gene Heil spent 20 years in the military, and is an ordained minister. Heil participated in prison ministry, and has devoted his life to prayer. For facts on Heil’s life and works, go to

"“We are in serious racial division in America,” says Gene Heil, author of “A Perspective on Race and Religion.” “My experience will teach people to love and not hate. It also spotlights the terrible systemic racism that oppresses black people.”"