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News of Older Americans

Maintaining social connections can improve quality of life and lead to better health, which is particularly important during the COVID-nineteen pandemic. If you’re an older adult or caregiver … more

News Of Jobs

Getting a job may not be as difficult as some people fear thanks to innovative efforts by a government agency. Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program supports career development for people who … more

Making Life More Fun

You may not be able to treat yourself to an exotic vacation trip or even a dinner out these days, but there are other ways to enjoy yourself. For example, collecting classic cars. It can be … more

Education Trends In The Pandemic And Beyond

A recent poll by Morning Consult and Ed-Choice reveals some concerning trends in parents’ opinions on K-12 education. For one thing, parents are not comfortable with children returning to in-person … more

News Of Jobs

Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program helps eligible disability beneficiaries gain financial independence with free, individualized employment services. If you’re ready for work, you can get … more

Smart Move

Think about it: How much longer will it take for the kids’ new game to download? Do you have enough bandwidth for your 10 AM video conference? As more American households work, shop, learn, stream … more

Eye On Health

Preventive care is especially important for eyes because many common diseases can rob you of your vision before you even notice signs of trouble. It’s a good idea to see an ophthalmologist—a … more

Tips To Help You Keep Your Money

A solid financial plan can help you save money. Here’s how: Make a budget, focusing on what you control. For example, eat more meals at home. Buy used or refurbished electronics. You can find great … more


According to Chris Johnson, Safety Awareness Program Manager for the U-S Postal Service, dogs love the great outdoors, but when your mail carrier arrives, make sure your dog is properly restrained … more

Create Healthy Habits During a Pandemic

While it’s true the pandemic has made some simple acts more complicated, it also offers an opportunity for long-term, healthy habits. Follow these tips to change your fitness routine and diet: Be … more

Hints for Homeowners: Time To Clean the Air Ducts

Duct cleaning’s never really a normal thing to think about—until there’s a problem. How can a homeowner tell? You may find you’re dusting more often. Another tell-tale sign is finding a grimy … more


Technology can be a big boon for small businesses. Here are five game changers for your business: ultra-reliable internet, gigabit—ready connectivity and advanced voice solutions to connect you … more


For more than twenty years, the Lustgarten Foundation has been dedicated to funding pancreatic cancer researchers at the forefront of the most promising breakthroughs in earlier detection and better … more


Planning a move, even in the midst of a pandemic, can be a little less stressful if you heed these tips:  By following some simple, common sense guidelines from the Centers for Disease … more


This may make you feel like singing: Smule is a global online community of music lovers who sing popular songs, make friends and have fun, singing together and with such superstars as Lewis Capaldi … more


If you and your family plan to move soon, you’ll be pleased to know that moving is considered an essential service by the federal government. To keep consumers and movers healthy and safe during … more


New and budding writers and artists have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged again this year. That’s because the thirty-seventh annual L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest is on. more

Save Money and Energy

The department of energy says as much as forty percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted. contaminants in the system make it work harder and shorten its life. a clean system … more


Fraudulent schemes related to the coronavirus—COVID-19—pandemic have arrived. Dramatic news coverage can be an opportunity for scammers to pump inaccurate information into the marketplace. … more


Do you need assistance finding local programs that can help you get food or address other critical needs that have arisen due to COVID-nineteen? The Eldercare Locator stands ready to connect older … more
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