Top 10 Awesome Video Types


Video content has helped thousands of news sites to attract new visitors, boost traffic to existing adjacent content and drive click through rates for advertisers.  Choosing the best video content for your site depends primarily on images and topics.  Here are the top 10 categories of video content that will help score major viewership:

1- Food videos, such as celebrity chefs preparing a quick and easy recipe.

2- Health videos, such as advice from experts on how to be healthier and prevent illness.

3- Financial advice videos with tips from experts on how to grow and protect their assets.

4- Home improvement advice for DIY projects, decorating or enhancing property value.

5- Technological advancements that can help people solve problems and be more productive.

6- Auto safety tips for car maintenance and driving advice.

7- Charitable acts of kindness that show how people are giving back to communities.

8- Entertainment options for families and friends, especially around holiday times.

9- Environmental protection advice for practical solutions to save energy and money. 

10- Pet care for keeping those healthy and happy. 

Video content not only makes sites beautiful with a lot of heart warming images, it makes good business sense.  Google ranks sites with a lot of good video content a lot more highly, driving lots more traffic from search results.  There is an abundance of good video content freely available from content providers. 

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