Shout Out About It but don't make it NOISE!


Have you ever wondered why, after distributing your feature news story and using a service that includes a database of 300k+ journalists, your phone didn’t ring off the hook, the needle barely moved on your dashboard and sales were relatively flat afterward? There could be several reasons for this problem, as follows:

  1. Your message was not compelling enough because you didn’t tell the reader what’s in it for him or why he should read on, so he probably didn’t.
  2. Your message included several product mentions, or was too commercial and self-serving, so that people perceived it as an ad, not as helpful information from experts.
  3. Your information was so time sensitive that journalists didn’t have enough lead time to get it in their publications.
  4. Your message was so long and rambling, with too many topics covered, that readers with a short attention span couldn’t stay focused.
  5. You didn’t really reach the 300k+ journalists, or even a large portion of those, who had readers who could have benefited from your message. Many editors won’t give out their contact information to the general public because they don’t want to be spammed by everybody on Earth who has a story to tell. Community news outlets that are low on staff don’t have the resources to sift through thousands of e-mails a day. They may block e-mails from an unfamiliar source or one that sends too much “NOISE.”

Fortunately, there is a solution that will help you to succeed. You can get advice from the experts at NAPS at no cost or obligation. Our experts work for top PR firms, many large corporations, associations and government agencies, and will help you transform your feature article into one that will get the attention of millions of additional readers in community news outlets nationwide.

NAPS has developed a relationship with editors over the 50+ years we have been in business. They know us and trust us to send them quality content, wonderfully written, reviewed by our experts and in the formats that they require. Many editors use NAPS exclusively instead of services that send thousands of stories a day, which seem like mostly spam to them. Grateful editors help us to provide proof of placements that most monitoring services usually miss.

Expected results are 100 to 400 in print and 1,000+ online for newspapers, 300 to 400+ on-air radio placements and 100 to 150 TV placements, for a total of 1,000 to 1,400 placements for each NAPS multimedia release, getting well over 50 million
impressions nationwide.

When the bean counters come along and ask “What did I pay this person and what did I get for it?” management will be very impressed if you go the extra mile and do the most thorough job possible by using an additional service to get yourself millions of additional readers at highly cost-effective rates and at very little extra cost to your current program.

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