Latino Market


Spanish-speaking Americans make up a little more than 17 percent of the U.S. population and are a big market for corporations of all sizes. Consider these facts from research by the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA), known as The Voice of Hispanic Marketing; Nielsen; and Experian Marketing Services:

• The top 500 U.S. marketers are allocating about 8.4 percent of their overall ad spend to Hispanic dedicated efforts, up from
5.5 percent in 2010.
• Multicultural populations are driving 84 percent of the population growth, fueling 81 percent of U.S. job growth and accounting for 43 percent of buying power in top 10 markets.
• It‘s a young market. The average Latino is 28 years old, compared with an average age of 38 for the U.S. population overall.
• Hispanic households earning $50–100K annual income contribute nearly 40 percent of the $1.5 trillion Hispanic spending power, and they lead the overall upscale demographic in optimism, purchase behaviors, and plans to further increase spending.
• Over the past five years, the top 500 advertisers boosted their spending in Hispanic targeted media by 63 percent—or $2.7 billion—and that’s up from $4.3 billion in 2010 to about $7 billion today.
• The top 500 advertisers boosted their average spending from $9 million in Hispanic targeted media in 2010 to $14 million now.
• Such companies as Nissan, Toyota, Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Verizon, AT&T, Ruby Tuesday and Wellpoint have strengthened their investment and share of overall ad spend to Hispanic dedicated media.
• According to Nielsen research, Hispanic people spend more time using a game console and watching video on the Internet and on a mobile phone than does the population at large.
• Hispanics spend 1.2 hours a day reading a newspaper compared to only 0.9 hours by non-Hispanics.
• Brands that focus on Hispanic marketing with determination and discipline are most likely to see more rapid topline revenue growth than those who are not as focused on this market. In fact, companies allocating one-quarter of their ad spend to Hispanic media over five years would generate annual revenue growth of 6.7 percent.

To help you get maximum media coverage for the message your management cares about most, NAPS offers scripts and articles in English and in Spanish that are aimed at Latinos. These are sent to over 700 Hispanic newspapers in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico, with over 30 million in cumulative circulation. They also go to hundreds of TV and radio stations, websites and other publications to bring your story the millions of readers, listeners and viewers in the Spanish-speaking audience nationwide it needs and deserves.

Send us a release, a brochure, a speech or other background material and we can get you a draft within one week. Based on your English language version of the story, our experts will suggest a format that will get the maximum coverage in Spanish media. We have certified translators who will translate your English language version into the generally accepted Spanish version for optimal pickup.

Each story is written, produced and distributed once a week with color photo, line art or graphic to hundreds of newspapers and mailed 1) on CD’s, 2) as camera-ready articles and 3) posted on our website as downloadable files for editors. Broadcasters receive CD’s, paper scripts or MP3’s and PDF’s of scripts posted on our site.

You get 500+ online placements per release and 10–25 in print. Clippings come from several clipping bureaus including our own in-house clipping bureau, which subscribes to thousands of newspapers that others don’t. You also get colorful results reports including demographic information, market ranks, circulation and readership figures, a map indicating where placements have occurred and equivalent ad space cost, a graphic representation of each placement, verified by signed usage cards, in market rank order with network affiliations, plus the NAPS guarantee: Complete satisfaction with the results of each release or another

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