Ways To Celebrate Christmas With A Smile


(NAPSA)—If you believe smiling and Christmas should go hand in hand, here are a number of ways in which you can deliver a smile. Now, you can have a number of ways in which you can share that smile. The Very Indulgent Popcorn (VIP) holiday line The Traditional Tidings Sleigh For example, one way to deliver a smile this holiday season is with gift ideas from 1-800-Flow ers.com. You can send a faraway friend the Traditional Tidings Sleigh Arrangement—a natural for traditional tabletop decor and You can present your co-workers and professional counterparts with a basket full of sophistication. Shop 1-800-Baskets.com for sumptuous treats, gift baskets, towers and assorted gourmet food gifts, each beautifully designed and handcrafted for the holidays, such as the Gilded Splendor Gift Basket. The Gilded Splendor Basket Cheryl's Collector’s Edition Santa Cookie Jar Or you can give that special cookie lover a little something to store all of his or her holiday treats in. Cheryl’s Collector’s Edition Santa Cookie Jar comes with a holiday cookie assortment and buttercream-frosted cut-out cookies. It’s available at Cheryls.com. For a sweet and salty gift there’s ThePopcornFactory.com. Their brand-new line of Very Indulgent Popcorn (VIP) offers ultraextravagant popcorn for the holidays made up of decadent ingredients. The Holiday Ornaments 3-Canister VIP Assortment will deliver a sweet set of smiles this season. @ Mistletoe Sweet & Salty Snack Tower If you’re hoping to spend Christmas under the mistletoe with your chocolate lover, indulge with Fannie Maychocolates and the brand’s Mistletoe Sweet & Salty Snack Tower available at FannieMay.com.