Tweetable Quote


Tweetable Quote
You can add a CLICK TO TWEET link within your article for instant tweeting of specific quotes or short, catchy
messages. There are several advantages to including tweetable quotes:
1. You’ll garner more readers and spread your content further by embedding tweetable quotes.
2. By including a specific call to action, such as “tweet this,” you will prompt readers to share an idea immediately.
3. This is a more targeted way of getting the word out about a concept than enabling readers to share a
whole blog post using social sharing widgets on the periphery.
4. Readers may be more willing to share the wisdom of one idea than an entire blog post.
5. Readers are more likely to share an idea than promote a person by sharing a post.
6. The quotes are more prominent if presented as a call-out box within the article and will be more likely to be read and shared for those who don’t have time to read the entire post.