Trackable Links


Trackable Links
You can impress management with the increased sales for each individual article that you distribute. You can use custom campaign parameters for the URLs in your articles. When users click on a custom link, the unique parameters can be sent to your Google Analytics account, so that you can identify traffic coming from your article and determine which article is most effective in generating clicks to your site.
The savviest marketers can determine ROI by tracking sales related to the increased traffic from each article. That can be done, for example, using a form that readers fill out on your site and then following the progress with individuals who filled out the form. The form could be for requesting more information, a brochure, a chance to win something, or some other incentive that can incentivize readers to fill out the form.
Give us your trackable link and we will hyperlink it to words in your article or we can create a trackable link for you and send you the analytics.

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