Tips To Better Gift Giving By Powering Up Your Holiday Gift List


Your Holiday Gift List (NAPSA)—Noone wants to be known as the family grinch on Christmas morning. But we have good newsfor all you holiday shoppers: Stealing thetitle of “best gift giver” is easier than you might think. Just follow these simple tips to make everyone wish you had drawn their namethis year. Keep records: Listen to when loved ones say they like something or want to do a specific activity. Write it down at that moment so you don’t forget it and they will know you listen to what they are saying. eWrite a note: Yes, actually WRITE it. A handwritten note that accompanies a gift is a thoughtful gesture that people appreciate in the world of e-mail and texts. Spend time: Instead of getting a gift, give the gift of time. Take a loved one to a sporting event, a concert, a museum or on vacation. Spending time makes memories, which are remembered far longer than a thoughtlessgift. Think consumable: People love food. Take the time to bake or cook something you knowtheylove. Give a top 10: Search out the top gifts for 2015. The gifts have been tested and approved by a slew of people; critical giftees who granted them the coveted title of “best gift.” According to multiple gift guides for 2015, the top 10 best holiday gifts for 2015 are all electronics. What’s the one thing you need to makeyourelectronics work? Power. So this year, if you really want to give the best gift under the tree, give the gift of power. This year, power your holidays with the gift your family can use year-round. Generac’s brand-new iQ2000 portable generator is the quietest portable generator available. It’s also lightweight and can be carried to even the most remote locations. That means quiet, nonintrusive power anywhere. Campsites. Ice fishing shanties. Hunting tents. Tailgates. Sporting events. Backyard barbecues. The iQ2000 can turn even the most tech-savvy people into outdoor lovers, knowing it IS possible to have it both ways. Plus, the 1Q2000 can help out ina pinch during the ultimate holiday party crasher—a power outage. That means this year you can be more than just the best gift giver; you can also take the title of holiday hero by keeping the festivities going. Learn More To learn how to give the gift that powers all your other gifts this holiday season, visit or call 888-GENERAC.