Thirteen Safety Hacks To Ease Your Fears


Thirteen Safety Hacks To Ease Your Fears (NAPSA)—Halloween can be more fun and less frightening when you keep these 18 safety suggestions from security experts in mind: When out on Halloween night, avoid areas that are not well lit and try to walk in high-traffic areas. Keep your cell phone handy in case you get separated from your group or need to contact emergency services. If you go out alone, let a trusted friend or fam- ily member know where you are and whom youare with. Make use of safe forms of transportation such as cabs. eIf you’re going to a party venue, familiarize yourself with the fire exits when you arrive so that you are prepared if an emergency evacuation occurs. *Bear in mind that other people may not be knowledgeable about your costume and its accompanying props. Don’t carry fake weapons. You don’t want to scare anyone around you or alarm the police. *Don’t eat or let kids eat any trick-or-treat loot you haven’t opened yourself. Whendriving, watch for children in the street and on medians. Prepare your homefor trick- or-treaters by clearing porches, lawns and sidewalks and pro- gramming your outdoor lighting to turn on early—or install “smart” lights that go on when they detect movement. Keeping your walkway well lit can prevent your neighbors and their kids from injuring themselves. Keeplit pumpkins and candles away from where children will be walking. A Following a few rules can help you, your family and your neighbors have a happier, safer Halloween. video doorbell can help you tell whether it’s really trick-ortreaters on your porch or someone more sinister—and if someone eggs your door while you're out, you'll know whodidit. Give your kids a curfew. *Trick-or-treaters should travel in groups and be accompanied by an adult with a cell phone. They should go to only well-lit houses, remain on porches rather than go into any house, and stay in familiar neighborhoods. Everyone should rememberto walk, not run and obeyall traffic rules and signals. Make sure costumes don’t drag on the ground and masks don’t obstruct vision. If you go out of town, lock up your valuables and store them in a safe place. When leaving the house, make sure you lock your doors and set your security alarm system. While ADT doesn’t protect your home against the paranormal, it can keep out mortal intruders while you’re enjoying Halloween festivities. Learn More For further facts and tips, see