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by Katherine Bihr, Ed.D 

(NAPSI)—If you are among the nearly four million teachers in America, according to National Center for Education estimates, here are no-cost digital resources that can support your teaching during these challenging times. 

Educating Educators Digitally

School personnel can now sign up for a new series of six no-cost digital professional learning courses empowering educators with new strategies to support students’ success in school and beyond. The professional learning series for educators presents schools, particularly those from under-resourced communities, the access and materials needed to transform teaching during COVID-19 and beyond. 

The first in the planned series of six professional learning modules supports teachers by focusing on student-centered approaches to foster innovative, relevant, and engaging STEM instruction. The module begins to redefine STEM by highlighting interdisciplinary learning, focusing on design principles and real-world connections, and rethinking skill building. Other modules focus on helping educators develop student-centered approaches, creating meaningful engagement strategies, promoting inquiry-based learning, and developing students’ critical thinking skills. 

Users can access lessons that are digestible and immediately actionable, with each module designed so educators can put it into practice immediately. Lesson guides and supports let the series walk alongside the teacher and ensure fidelity of implementation. 

The digital modules are designed as examples of how to bring the real world into the classroom. As teachers work to make learning relevant, it’s important to hold up these models as exemplars of the importance of their work. 

Great teachers are always looking for ways to ground themselves in frameworks that let them reflect and improve their practice. All of the modules in the TGR EDU: Explore initiative, created in partnership with Discovery Education, are grounded in the use of inquiry as a way to engage and have students own their learning. The digital learning modules have real people attached to each of the lessons, providing instruction and coaching in effective practice so that teachers can expand their expertise and meaningfully engage all learners. 

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Dr. Bihr is Vice President of Programs and Education at TGR Foundation, A Tiger Woods Charity, a nonprofit that empowers underserved students through education. To enhance classroom experiences around the world, TGR Foundation works closely with educators, taking their instructional skills to the next level with professional development learning modules, training videos and real-time digital workshops designed to improve the classroom teaching and learning experience. TGR EDU: Explore is a joint initiative with Discovery Education to deliver award-winning curriculum, family resources, and professional development to educators, students, and families nationwide.