Taking Your Best Santa Photo Ever


Taking Your Best Santa Photo Ever CNAPSA)—For manyfamilies, a highlight of the holiday season is a trip to the mall for the traditional Santa Experience photo. Not only can the visit to Santa be funitself, the photos you take can make great gifts for family and friends now and cherished me- mentos for you and your children in years to come. It takes more than magic elves, however, to get a great picture. There are steps you and the photographer can take. WhatYou Can Do To get the best Santa photos for your family, heed thesehints: Before you visit the mall, show them pictures of Santa and talk to your toddlers about Santa. This will help ease their fears and familiarize them with “the guy in a redsuit.” * Keep colors simple and wear solids. Reds are very festive but can clash with Santa’s suit, so consider greens, silver, blues, black or even turquoise. * Adjust hair bows and comb hair when youare the next person in line so you don’t lose valuable moments with Santa. eVisit Santa during your child’s best-behavior hours—usu- ally early morningorafter a nap. * Photographers say children usually look at their parents, so you can help by quietly standing near the photographer. elf you have a long wait in line, make sure you have something to entertain your kids. For small infants, consider a new holiday bib to put on right before sitting on Santa’s lap. Have toddlers and small chil- dren wear a simple T-shirt and put on the festive dress or shirt just momentsbeforesitting on Santa’s lap. Kids may not like how new dress shoes feel, so put them on rightbefore the photo, too. *By practicing beforehand what they will say to Santa, kids can be more comfortable with the whole process. Tips for your best Santa Claus photo ever...creating a quality Christmas photo can mean lasting memo! What Photographers Do According to Cherry Hill Photo, a company with more than 52 years of experience taking professional Santa photos, producing a positive Santa experience includes a smooth-running, professional operation that uses the highestquality printers. That's why they count on Mitsubishi Electric photo printers in many oftheir centers. These dye sublimation printers createa richly colored anddetailed print that lasts many, many years. They also print in different sizes with a uniqueroll-type mechanism that ensures jam-freereliability. Becausethese printers can turn out beautiful photos in mere seconds, your family canbeon its way with a delightfulpictureinso little time, it may seem like magic elves werepart ofthe processafter all. Learn More You canfind further facts about this and other electronic innovations for photographers at www. mitsubishi-imaging.com, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ MitsubishiPhotoimaging and on ‘Twitter at www.twitter.com/Mitsu bishiPhoto.