Success Stories Prove That No One Gets A Diploma Alone


Success Stories Prove That No One Gets A Diploma Alone (NAPSA)—TheUnited States’ national graduationrate rose to record highs in 2017. ‘The Problem Nevertheless, there are still approximately 34 million American adults who do not have a high schooldiploma. WhyA DiplomaMatters Onaverage,individuals with a high schooldegree can expectto earn 30 percent more than adults withouta diploma overtheirlifetime,a difference of nearly $10,000peryear, according to US. Cen- sus data. For many individuals, com- pleting their high school education as an adultis just the beginningoftheir road to a college degree or new career. Adults looking tofinish their high schooldiploma have more help than Studying while balancing work and they realize. Where to Find Free Classes family may seem difficult, but help, advice andinspiration are close at hand. Each adult education center will work with newstudents to place them in the right classes and create a custom learning plan. Teachers andtutors in each program help students learn the material and support them asthey earn their shout-out to those people who helped you along the road to graduation— teachers, family and friends. Use the #FinishYourDiploma hashtag and tell abouta time when someonehelped you succeed with your education or when you helped someoneelse pursue their diploma. educational goals. It could beas simple If you or someone you know doesn't as driving someone to schoolorclasses, havea high schooldiploma, visit www. or preparing meals so someone could to find a nearby study. By using #FinishYourDiploma, center andgetstarted withclasses. New PSAsfeature personal stories from recent graduates whoearnedtheir you could also be featured on the and 40s. The campaign also showcases 5 million people have visited the their journey to achieving a high school equivalency diploma. The PSAs under- than 1 million adults across all 50states high school diplomas in their 20s, 30s teachers whoare helping students on score that adults without a high school website, Resources Available Since its inception in 2010, nearly site and more have receivedhelp findingfree test-prep they realize—fromteachers,friends and family—as they work toward continu- classesin their area. ‘Thesite has a database of thousands of adult education centers around the country—eachoffering free classes to If you've graduated with a high school equivalency or are taking graduate stories,tips, information about whatto expectfromthetests, and step- diploma may have more support than ingtheir education. Share YourStory classes to get your diploma, give a help people study for their GED, TASC or HiSET. The website also provides by-step guide to finishing yourdiploma.