Students Learn To Seek A Cure--And Enjoy STEM Learning


(NAPSA)—For parents and teachers tired of answering the question “Why do I have to learn this?” comes an exciting new activity series called “STEM Behind Health.” Developed by top medical experts and researchers, it provides teachers and students with an interactive, hands-on way to explore the math and science concepts behind diseases still in need of a cure. Aimed at getting more students TIl-7spire cx 2122]23) rl ST eeTd A Time: 9:00 AM - After Snack V 4 Insulin to Carb Ratio 1: 10 Chelcie needs more insulin! interested in STEM (science, tech- nology, engineering and math) subjects and careers, the program puts students on the front lines of the medical field, helping real patients manage very real diseases. Thefree onlineactivities let students explore the math and science behind managing diseases such as breast cancer and diabetes. For example, students learn how to keep blood sugarin a safe range, why small changes in DNA can cause big problems and how cancercells replicate. The first activity in the series, “Managing a Critical Ratio,” engages students in the math and science behind insulin replacement therapy by sharing the daily struggle of nursing student and diabetic Chelcie Weber. “For me, life is a never-ending math problem,” said Weber. “By bringing awareness of type 1 diabetes to students and teachers around the country, I hope to inspire a student to go on to one day develop a cure.” Weber is studying to become a pediatric nurse so that she can help other kids diagnosed with thedisease. Through an innovative new program, students and teachers can help solve real-world medical problems while learning math and science. The program was created by Sanford Health and Texas Instruments Education Technology, which provides a wide range of tools connecting the classroom experience with real-world applications, helping students and teachers to explore mathematics and science interactively. Teachers and students can download “STEM Behind Health” to the TI-Nspire CX graphingcalculator, Student Software or TI- Nspire Apps for iPad or visit Learn More For further information, visit, www., www.twitter. com/TICalculators, www.facebook. com/TICalculators and www.