Smart Gifts To Help Students Survive


(NAPSA)—Headingoff to college can be exciting, nerve-racking and even intimidating—but you can help your favorite student enjoy it more. Whether the students you care about are miles away from homeor states away, you can let them know you’re thinking about them asthey start preparing for their new life. Smart Cookies To help ease the transition, you can start by sending delicious cookies. For example, the Cheryl’s A+ Smart Cookie Box is brimming with Smart cookie buttercream-frostassortment ed apple cutout cookies. The assortmentalso includes sweet owl cookies, a crunchy handdecorated sugar cookie, and foilwrapped chocolates. This decadent cookie gift can also be a greatgift for a great teacher. It’s available at Late Night Snack You can give ery your student a terrific midnight Popcorn can fuel snack from The studying Popcorn Factory. The University of Snacks Snack Stash is packed with minipretzels, chocolate chip cookies and delicious Cheese, White Cheddar, Sour Green Apple and Buffalo Ranch popcorn. For moredetails, visit www.thepop Blooming with Excitement Help yourstu- dent grow to love school with a a-DOG-able’ arrangement. It’s _ handcrafted from , fresh white carDoggone cute ations and oooral bright yellow arrangement POMS. This adorable puppy arrives on a reusable dog bed basket with pencils and an apple for the teacher. For additional information, visit Easing college students’ transition with something sweet, something memorable and something truly original can help them know they’re loved and supported by the entire family. Learn More For moregift ideas for celebrating Back to School, visit www., www.cheryls. com and www.thepopcornfactory. com.