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How To Combat Four Pet Peeves Around The House


(NAPSI)—If your family is like most, there are a few things about your home that really annoy you. Fortunately, ingenious solutions are available for four of the most common pet peeves when it comes to lighting and electronics:

1. Never Enough Outlets: The average family charges up to 12 devices a day. With connectivity more prevalent than ever, the demand for convenient charging options is at an all-time high. The adorne Pop-Out Outlet from Legrand features three standard receptacles for added power and can disappear into the wall when not in use. Plus, its tamper-resistant plugs will keep children safe. Now you can simultaneously charge phones, tablets and laptops with an outlet made to maximize charging needs.

2. Lights Carelessly Being Left On: Constantly reminding people to turn off the bedroom lights? You can install motion sensors that automatically turn lights on when someone enters the room and shut lights off when the room is no longer occupied.

3. Phone Charger Mysteriously Disappearing: Scouring your home for a phone charger can be a thing of the past when you replace standard outlets with an instant, cord- and clutter-free way to charge phones, such as the new-to-market Wireless Charger from the radiant Collection.

4. Lack of Light at Night: Make the walk to the bathroom or the nursery at night a little brighter by installing night lights in hallways, kitchens and children’s rooms. Some night lights even offer adjustable light levels or can convert to flashlights.

Two attractive solutions can be found in the radiant and adorne Collections by Legrand. For a home with more traditional aesthetics, the radiant Collection offers a Night Light with Two Tamper-Resistant Outlets. It features five adjustable light levels and an optional louver for additional light-level control. For a more modern and design-savvy look, there’s the one from the adorne Collection. It provides a soft glow and with ambient light level sensors, so it’s visible only in dark spaces.

A few simple switches around the house can help you have more control over your home’s lights and electronics.

While you’re improving your place, you may care to consider adorne app-based lighting control options, designed to provide solutions that offer whole-house control with the touch of a button. Homeowners who have both Legrand smart lighting systems and Voice Control−enabled devices from Google or Amazon can now power and dim lights simply by saying phrases like “OK, Google, turn on the porch lights” and “Alexa, dim the living room to 50 percent” without needing to reach for a phone, tablet, or light switch.

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