Ghostly Attractions Designed To Thrill And Chill


Ghostly Attractions Designed To Thrill And Chill (NAPSA)—There’s good news for those who are looking for attractions that provide a hauntingly good time. A magazine and Website that celebrate all things scary have put together a list of 25 attractions, events and locations that take their thrills and chills seriously. While many have a Halloween focus, a numberareactive all year round. The list includes: Shocktoberfest, Reading, Pa. Shocktoberfest features four different haunts, a haunted nightclub and a midway. Owner Pat Konopelski has worked hard over the years to keep the event current and fun for his customers, including introducing text messaging as part of his queue-line entertainment. Shipwreck Halloween at the Queen Mary, Long Beach, Calif. Just walking around the Queen Mary can be a frightful experience, but when you addfive differnent mazes—with themes ranging from pirates to vampires—and then throw in top-notch makeup and high-quality acting, you have a must-see haunt. The show makes great use of its most unique asset—a 70-year-old ocean liner that has been the subject of many paranormalinvestigations. The 13th Gate, Baton Rouge, La. Scene design and attention to detail make this attraction a favorite among customers and haunters alike. During theoff-season, the haunt employs a yearround movie industry construction crew, which includes award-winning scenic artists, set carpenters, lighting and sound technicians, andspecial effects artists. Verdun Manor at Thrillvania Haunted Housein Terrell, Texas is a must-see haunt. Visitors can find themselves standing on a rickety bridge overlooking hundreds of live snakes. This 40,000-square-foot haunted house is definitely not recommendedfor the faint of heart. Erebus, Pontiac, Mich. Not long ago, Erebus took the title of the “World’s Largest WalkThrough Horror House” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It will take you about 45 minutes to an hour to complete your journey through this haunt, depending on how fast you can run. This is just a brief example of the 25 attractions that Haunted Attraction Magazine thinks provide unique events and fantastic fun. The magazine features articles, forums, galleries and a store aimed at those who enjoy a frighteningly good time. To learn more and to see the entire list, visit the Web site at