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Free Glossary And Compensation Guide


(NAPSI)—If you or someone you care for is ever diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer after exposure to asbestos at work decades ago, here’s news for you. If you’re undergoing medical treatment, you can use a free “Asbestos Disease Glossary” available from the Asbestos Lifeline Institute of Great Neck, New York.

The handy, pocket-size booklet explains all the common medical terms used in asbestos injury care and identifies all the different medical specialists involved in treating mesothelioma, lung cancer and several other nonmalignant, asbestos-related diseases.

The free booklet also contains helpful information about achieving monetary compensation for asbestos injuries, which hinges upon a timely filing of the claim and the ability to identify the specific asbestos products you used. In most instances, a “latency period” of several decades after exposure occurs before asbestos diseases develop, so most victims are in their 60s or older.

For victims with valid claims, choosing the right law firm for representation can be daunting, due to the many choices presented through TV commercials and Internet searches. The Asbestos Lifeline Institute can also be helpful in guiding you to the right firm.

To learn more, call the Asbestos Lifeline at (800) 990-1650, e-mail or visit