Binge-Watching Becomes A New Holiday Tradition


(NAPSA)—Whether it’s “Elf,” “Miracle on 34th Street” or “Christmas Vacation,” it seems that everyone has a favorite holiday movie or TV special they’ve madea part of their holiday traditions. According to a recent omnibus survey conducted by Research Now for Roku, Inc., maker of the popular streaming platform for Roku players and Roku TV, 75 percent of Americans plan to watch holiday movies and TV specials this season. But gone are the days when holiday movies and specials aired once or twice during the season and families had to plan their schedules to watch them on broadcast TV. Thanks to the advent of devices such as Roku players that enable streaming entertainment from hundreds of services such as Net- flix or Hulu Plus on the TV, con- sumers can enjoy their favorite holiday movies and shows whenever and however they want. This unfiltered access to entertainment through streaming has also ushered in a new term for how people consume entertainment today, “binge-watching,” which refers to watching multiple TV episodes or movies in onesitting. Based on the survey results, binge-watchingis a holiday tradition for many Americans, with 66 percent of respondents planning to binge-watch entertainment at some point during the holiday season. An overwhelming 90 percent of respondents in the millennial age group (18-34) plan to binge-watch during the upcoming holidays. According to the survey, Christmas Eve is the most popular day to binge-watch, with almost one-third of Americans planning to spend that day watching holiday classics, sports and more. Although most Americans plan to watch a healthy dose of holiday entertainment this season, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t still traditionalists when it comes to their TV screens. While holiday shopping seems to begin earlier Streaming players like the Roku 3 will give many American families binge-watching enjoymentthis holiday season. with each year, according to the survey, 44 percent of Americans wait until after Thanksgiving to begin their holiday movie and TV show viewing. If you’re binge-watching or cozying up by the fire to watch a classic holiday movie, here are some ideas from Roku for making the most out of the holiday viewing season. Tips for the Best Family Movie Nights this Holiday Season Create a new tradition and take turns viewing a holiday pick from each family memberto create the ultimate holiday viewing list. Or use Roku Search to discover holiday gems that may be new to your family. Roku Search makes it easy to find content by title, actor or director across top streaming channels and even see price comparisons. *Before starting a movie, set the mood with some holiday tunes. Choose from the musicstreaming channels such as Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and Vevo. *Serve snacks and refreshments that will fuel the holiday spirit. Check out popular foodstreaming channels like All, CHOW and the Cooking Channel. Whether they’re watching their favorite holiday movies or college football bowl games or using time away from work to binge-watch their favorite TV shows, it’s clear that more and more Americanswill be turning to streaming to view entertainment on their terms this holiday season. Soon we mayall be “streaming” of a White Christmas.