Case Study: Ad Council helps adults realize they have more help than they knew when finishing their high school diploma with a Featurettes distribution

Council Educates New Audiences with Successful Campaign: A Feature News Release Case Study



The Ad Council produces, distributes and promotes campaigns that improve everyday lives. Their memorable work inspires ongoing dialogue, engagement and action around significant public issues, creating a measurable difference in society.


Show readers the importance of a high school diploma for success in today's job market cannot be overemphasized. And while the U.S. graduation record rose to its highest-level last year, nevertheless there are still 34 million American adults who do not have a high school diploma.


The Ad Council, in conjunction with the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, teamed up with NAPS to help promote, a resource to help people get started in finding classes that can help them obtain their high school diplomas. In “Success Stories Prove That No One Gets A Diploma Alone,” readers are encouraged to share their stories via #FinishYourDiploma


This feature got 1017 known placements, including 111 in print. This appeared in all 50 states, with a readership of 12 million and on sites with 73 million unique visitors cumulatively. About 50% of placements were in the top 50 markets, 57% were in the most populous third of the states and 41% were in the wealthiest 25% of states. The article was viewed 567 times on our site.

Traffic to the website increased exponentially and allowed many people to investigate ways to finish high school and achieve that all important diploma. The Ad Council noted that the Dollar General Literacy Foundation saw an uptick in its website traffic and requests for further information.


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