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‘A Mirror And A Prayer’: Beauty Icon’s Unfiltered Reflections On A Rocky And Wild Ride


(NAPSI)—There was a time when Gina Rivera:

• Stole cookie dough and gasoline during financial hard times.

• Was almost strangled by a mass murderer.

• Had a boyfriend arrested by the FBI for drug distribution.

The boldly blonde mohawked Rivera is an amalgamation of what many would label contradictory circumstances. Once a high school dropout, Gina has transformed her dreams as a hairstylist into a nationwide beauty empire.

Her unfiltered autobiography, “A Mirror And A Prayer,” illuminates the amazing highs and devastating lows of her life, with lessons both painful and beneficial. The book is one part narrative, one part how to succeed in business, and inspiration all the way through.

“Gina Rivera’s story is meant to empower, inspire and encourage other women to push through their own fears and doubts in order to live their best lives with passion, humility and enthusiasm,” says Gabrielle Denise Pina in her introduction.

Her drive to allow salon professionals to exercise their own forms of style and agency has carried her far, and opened a variety of doors she could have never imagined. Her ever-expanding beauty business, Phenix Salon Suites, has garnered exposure in a variety of forms, from Gina becoming a seasoned columnist to her surprising stardom on “Undercover Boss.” She’s had to tackle a slew of personal and professional challenges, yet never lost her spirit of adventure or faith in God.

The rough patches and the criticism she was dealt only made Gina more focused to thrive. Encountering insensitivity and inflexibility in her career path made Gina value these attributes in cultivating her own business.

Gina promised herself, “I would stay true to my own core values and honor my mission to create a model salon, treat my salon professionals with appreciation and respect, and hold the industry to a higher standard of service.”

And as a doting mother of two, she is committed to balancing her home life with managing the revolutionary business model that consumes countless hours of dedication and troubleshooting.

Today, Gina Rivera is an industry icon, celebrity hairdresser, successful business entrepreneur, mother, daughter and inspirational leader to many.

In transforming her outward look confidently with a fierce Mohawk, Gina was able to fortify her inner strength and “finally see the authentic me, the me that had always been in there…waiting to break free.” Hopefully, reading Gina’s raw story will strike a chord with others harboring their own ambitious dreams and stir them to reclaim their own authentic selves.

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